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As close to heaven – Conrad Jon Godly Paintings

Just stumbled upon these incredible abstract paintings of mountains and five minutes later had bought Conrad Jon Godly ’s book Works + -

Perhaps it’s just my insatiable appetite for mountains but these images really speak to me, and I’m going to do everything I can to have one hanging near my fireplace with 1 year. 

Based in Switzerland around Chur , one would assume the artist has plenty of subjects to choose from, but rather chooses to paint abstractly, rather than subjectively.

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I’m sounding like a crazy person but it’s true

me in a chat with my friend:

because News is all stuff the media puts in the limelight to make us think we know what’s going on when other things are really happening; the news stations are just trying to control society by telling them what’s important enough to be on TV




Things I have irrational fears of now because I watch so much local news

  • Home invasions
  • Fires

what about a home invasion by a man on fire

`fuck. my worst fucking fear. 

what if he just burst into flames when you caught him and then disappeared 

"look at me i’m burning"

good night ;)

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Welcome to LessDanThree!

This blog contains all the things I like which may include: Huskies, Art, Architecture, adult humor, child humor, bad words 'n' shit like that. Also hot guys, and gay stuff, so if you don't like that and if you're under 18 y/o then leave yo! If you cool with that, then you cool with me... and yes I have a tagged/me

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