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Gonna be real with you, bud, but living for other people is one of the things that gives our lives purpose. How mad would you go if you had no connections with anyone, no reason to do anything other than for yourself? It'd be so lonely and pointless. Plus, you have someone new specifically to live for, someone you can funnel your energy into and see a better result, yknow?


I know exactly what you mean. And I get that. What I’m saying is I’m tired of living my life walking on eggshells to make people (specifically my family) happy. I have to do what’s best for myself.

To the anon… You should never live for someone else nor want someone to live for you… You need to live your life comfortably how you want to, not for yourself.. People don’t do stuff just for their self.. People do stuff because it’s what they want in life, trust me there’s a difference. Never try to live up to someone else’s expectation. Living “or someone” does NOT give you purpose. Being alive in general give you purpose. We don’t need to change the world, with today’s society it’s nearly impossible for just 1 person to do that any more, but we need to find people we like being around with common interests and that love us because we are doing us… Someone that likes you for who you are not who they want you to be. Never live for someone else to love you, live because they love you for being yourself. This includes family, if they don’t love you because you want to live your life a different way… Point out you know they want what’s best but sometimes what’s best is letting you make your own choices even if they are mistakes, and they don’t need to take care of you because you’re a grown man, and any choice you make you can deal with is consequences. No matter what your family should love you. If they don’t you need to point out the obvious and call them out.

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Ye olde Windows screen savers.


childhood video games

i just had horrible flash backs to being a pc user. im gonna go clutch my knees and rock back and forth for a while now

I only had some of those because we had Windows ‘95… Some didn’t come out till 98 or 2000….

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Liam Neeson stars in A Walk Among the Tombstones, in theaters Friday. Get Tickets

Liam in another movie where he’s gonna find and kill someone for taking someone… Again… With a raspy whisper part over the phone….. Because he has no other roles

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